1.  Liu, Dennis. "Genetics." Microsoft® Encarta® 2006 [CD]. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2005.

2. The Discovery of the Molecular Structure of DNA

3. DNA Double Helix

4. "Deoxyribonucleic Acid." Microsoft® Encarta® 2006 [CD]. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2005.

5. Engineer a Crop: Transgenic Manipulation

6. How Are GMOs Made?

      7. Transgenic Crops

8. Transformation Methods- Gene Guns

9. Gene Guns

10. Lawsuit Seeks to Invalidate Monsanto’s GMO Patents

11. Restriction Endonucleases

12. The State of Land and Water Resources

13. Climate Change, Water and Food Security

14. Steps Toward Drought-Resistant Crops, 'Designer' Rice 

15. The Discovery of Dormin

16. Dihybrid Corn

17. Origins of Agriculture

18. A Food Biotechnology Timeline

19. Cloning of Genetically Engineered Molecules

20. The First Decade of Crop Biotechnology

21. GMO Compass: Tomatoes

22. Drought Tolerant Maize

23. GM Maize Trials to begin in East Africa

24. GMO Trials in Africa

25. Development of Drought Tolerant HYC Rice

26. History of Genetic Engineering

27. Monsanto Tests Drought Tolerant Corn

28. Monsanto at a Glance

29. Monsanto Tests Drought Tolerant Corn

30. Bacterial Insertion for Drought Tolerance

31. China Cotton Demand to Recover

32. Bayer CropScience on Cotton Yield Improvement

33. Bayer CropScience Products

34. Food Security from Drought Tolerant

35. Rice of Hope

36. Bangladesh: Drought Tolerant

37. Climate Change: BBC

38. Monsanto Tests Drought Tolerant Corn

39. Asian Scientist: Drought Tolerant

40. Rice of Hope

41. The Future of Food: An Introduction to the Ethical Issues in Genetically Modified Foods


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